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        产品展示您现在的位置: 首页 > 产品展示 > 仪器 > ABI PCR仪 > ProFlexABI/ProFlex™ 2 x flat PCR System/现货

        ABI/ProFlex™ 2 x flat PCR System/现货


        ABI/ProFlex™ 2 x flat PCR System/现货The ProFlex™ 2xFlat PCR System is the latest in our line of Applied Biosystems® thermal cyclers.

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        ABI/ProFlex™ 2 x flat PCR System/现货


        ABI/ProFlex™ 2 x flat PCR System/现货


        Block Format:Interchangeable
        Dimensions:33 cm (13 in) (W) x 27 cm (11 in) (H) x 57 cm (22 in) (D)
        Display Interface:Touchscreen (8.4 in. TFT LCD)
        For Use With (Equipment):ProFlex™ PCR System
        Format:2 X Flat Block for OpenArray® Plates
        High Throughput Compatibility:High Throughput-Compatible
        Instrument Memory:USB and On-board
        Peak Block Ramp Rate:2.0°C⁄sec
        Power Requirements:100-240V, 50-60 Hz Max: 950 VA
        Product Line:ProFlex™
        Product Size:1 instrument
        Program Features:Auto re-start (after power outages), Program overwrite protection
        Reaction Speed:Fast, Standard
        Reaction Volume Range:33 nl (± 1 nl)
        Temperature Accuracy:±0.25°C (35°C to 99.9°C)
        Temperature Range (Metric):0 to 100.0 °C
        Temperature Uniformity:<0.5 °C (20 sec after reaching 95 °C)
        Weight:18.75 kg (41 lb)


        ABI/ProFlex™ 2 x flat PCR System/现货


        The ProFlex™ 2xFlat PCR System is the latest in our line of Applied Biosystems® thermal cyclers. The ProFlex™ system combines the reliability and performance you’ve come to expect from Applied Biosystems® instruments with the flexible configuration and control features that adapt to your research needs. The 2xFlat block is optimized for use with 8 TaqMan® OpenArray® Genotyping plates, and 24 20K chips for use with QuantStudio™ 3D Digital PCR system.

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        The ProFlex™ 2xFlat PCR System allows you to: 

        • Interchange the 2xflat block with another block type if your throughput needs change
        • Access the system remoy (and conveniently) through a app
        • Program the instrument in seconds with a simple-to-use touchscreen interface
        • Simulate your old instrument with Thermal Simulation modes
        • Optimize your PCR quickly and efficiently with better-than-gradient VeriFlex™ blocks

        Extended Warranty Packages
        Protect your instrument and your investment with ProFlex PCR System Extended Warranty Packages and save up to 25% off the individual instrument and extended warranty list prices. Learn more >

        Interchangeable Blocks
        If your research requirements change in the future, or if you share the system with someone who requires a different format, simply remove the 2xflat block from the top of the instrument and exchange it with another block type. This step typically takes less than 15 seconds, and requires no tools or kits. 

        App Connectivity
        Have you ever set up all of your PCR reactions, only to find out that the thermal cycler is already in use? Check its availability with a app before you get to the lab. Also download experimental report files, receive alerts, and more! Download our PCR Essentials app updated with this functionality. 

        Simulation Modes
        The ProFlex™ PCR system is equipped with Simulation Modes that mimic your old thermal cycler's ramp rate. Simulation modes are available for MJ Research PTC 200, Bio-Rad® C1000, Bio-Rad® MyCycler™, Eppendorf® Mastercycler®, Applied Biosystems® 9700, Applied Biosystems® 9600, and Applied Biosystems® Veriti® systems. 

        8.4" Touch Screen Control
        The simple and intuitive touchscreen interface allows you to program with ease, and limits the amount of time spent training yourself and others how to use the system.

        ABI/ProFlex™ 2 x flat PCR System/现货



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